ET: Gothic Territory 40k Mod in Planung

Auf Wolfenstein-Files wurde verkündet, dass ein neuer Mod in Produktion ist. Dieser Mod hat zwar nichts mit Gothic zu tun, aber ist dafür an die Fans von Dawn of War gerichtet. Ilja Rudolf Hietamies plant derzeit einen Warhammer 40k Mod für Enemy Territory und Hilfe nimmt er natürlich gerne an.

Hier ist sein Statement:
Hi Im Ilja Rudolf Hietamies, Im plannig to create an Warhammer 40k Mod of Enemy Territory. This planning has started just now, so this is going to take a long time.
The mod is based on Gothic Region of the Warhammer 40k scifi galaxy map. The Axis are the Imperial focres, and the Alliances race I havent desided yet. Probably Chaos, ´cos the Gothic Sector Is the warscene of the Battlefleet Gothicks table top game. Where Imperial Fleets fight in space against all other races. I desided to put my own planet campainings in a part of LOng war that has raged in Gothic Sector. Im not going to use Cadian or Catachan models in skinning of the "Axis", I have desingned totally unigue Imperial uniforms to this mod. As soon as I get an scanner, The next Mod News should have some drawings f my Imperial troops and their weaponry. This is great news, and I can't wait to see some of his concept images or some other kind of tangible look at this mod! Although he hasn't put forth an actual need for talent, I'm sure any kind of help would be appreciated, if you have any experience that you think would be an asset, let it be known!

Wir warten natürlich gespannt auf diesen Mod und die ersten Screens und hoffen das Rudolf Hietamies ambitioniert genug ist, dieses Projekt mit all seinen Konsequenzen durchzuziehen.

Quelle: The New RtCW2-Prison

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