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RTCW REMAKE MOD - PART 1 OF 2 Version:Beta 1

RtCW Remake Mod Beta 1.0 (Part 1 of 2!) by Grego & C.Z.R
The long-awaited beta release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein Remake Mod, created by Grzegorz Mirtyński & Cezary Szydlik, is finally here. This Mod utilises the creative improvements that can be achieved when using the new Berserker engine, thus giving this version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein a more modern appearance in regards to all aspects of the game, e.g., textures, lighting, gameplay.

You have problem or question with the performance please sent to forum: quakegate.ru


Details Mod
Typ dll
Size 2,8 GB
Downloads 21764
Author Grego & C.Z.R
Website Homepage
Created 12.03.2015
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