RTCW: Minimod Custom Knife Models

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RtCW Custom Knife Models - This package contains 3 alternate models for the knife. They are available for both MP and SP game. There also are new icons to fit the models in SP mode.

Dagger of Warding
This is the golden knife in shape of S you have to find in the level "boss1" of the SP game.
The skin of this model has the same geometry as the skin of the original knife, so you can use the skin without the model and vice versa.

Heinrich's sword
Its shape and scale were redisigned to make it look like a dagger.

The knife of "Lendlease"

"Lendlease" is a russian game powered by the Quake2 engine, with some features from RtCW.

Quelle: RtCWfiles

RTCW : Tides of war skins for PC

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Image val50 made a Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tides of war (XBOX version) skinpack for PC.

Axis and Allied multiplayer XBOX skins for PC. New heads and uniform. All completely like the XBOX one. Great quality.




Image Image Image Image



Link: rtcw-files.com

RTCW: HardCore SP Mod

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Image Wer den Singleplayer Part von Wolfenstein schon durchgespielt hat und wem selbst der Schwierigkeitsgrad "Experte" nicht abschreckte, der kann jetzt mit dem RtCW SP-Hardcore Mod von FoX, weiterhin sein  Können unter Beweis stellen. Wink

In diesem Mod sind alle Soldaten, Zombies, Bosse, Supersoldaten und die Loper verstärkt.
- Healthpoints verdoppelt. Bei normalen Soldaten manchmal vervierfacht! - Skill & Aim von allen Soldaten sind verbessert.


Quelle: Danke an |dh|FoX

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