Finally end of TZAC

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TZAC news by chaplja - Quote: This is an update to the latest news post where I said there's a chance TZAC may stay online. The news are the negotiations have failed and thus on 1 December it'll be shut down. Please don't ask me to give you the project so you can continue working - it won't happen.

TZAC News von chaplja - Zitat: Dies ist ein Update auf die neuesten Nachrichten wo ich sagte es besteht noch eine Chance TZAC aufrechtzuerhalten. Die Verhandlungen sind aber gescheitert, somit wird am 1. Dezember TZAC endgültig heruntergefahren. Bitte keine Fragen und Überredungen deswegen - das Projekt wird definitiv nicht an andere Personen abgegeben.

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The end of TZAC and the new website

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Dear visitors,

due to a very unfortunate chain of events, most of which were my hosting partner's fault, the TZAC anti-cheat has been shut down. It is not coming back, therefore please do not send me emails.

I've tried to explain the situation with TZAC on a few occasions, but due to the influence of my hosting partners primarily in the ET scene, very few people even tried to consider my side of the story true. I will only repeat, and that is for the last time, that I find it extremely stupid that majority of people in the community believe that it was alright from my hosting partners to take over my software, regardless how long I was away. It's my software, but as usually, with exception of a few, most of the members of the Crossfire community have issues with understanding the most basic things.

As for the cheats, I will be releasing both public and private cheats, both of which will, as always when it comes to my releases, be undetected.

League admins in ET have announced a new competition anticheat. I will use this opportunity to announce that I will be releasing (public and private) cheats for their anticheat, no matter when and by who it is done.

ET will not be the only game supported, Call of Duty series and QUAKELIVE will be as well, possibly Urban Terror and Counter Strike(s), too.

New Website: tz-ac.com | Source: crossfire.nu/..tzac

Good news - TZAC stays online!

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TZAC news by chaplja - Quote: Alright people, it's time to end this drama, TZAC will stay online and it'll be free.
Thanks to a member who's been supporting TZAC for a long time, peaches, TZAC will stay online and it'll be free to use.
However, during next few months I will be working on ways to monetize TZAC while keeping it generally free to use. The plan is to introduce low-cost premium accounts which would give some additional features (but TZAC would function normally even if you don't pay), perhaps own clan/match system on the site including tournaments, etc.

TZAC News von chaplja - Zitat: Gute Nachrichten - TZAC bleibt online! Okay Leute, es ist Zeit, dieses News-Drama zu beenden, TZAC wird weiterhin online und kostenlos bleiben.
Jedoch werde ich in
den nächsten paar Monaten Wege erarbeiten, um ein TZAC Zahlungssystem zu entwickeln. Der Plan ist einer Art Premium-Account für wenig Geld, welcher zusätzliche Funktionen beinhaltet. (Evtl. mit einem eigenen Clan / Match-System auf der Website, einschließlich Turniere, etc.) Die normale TZAC-Funktion wird weiterhin kostenlos bleiben.

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